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Supreme Shutters are made of high quality, basswood, hand-crafted for strength, durability, and maximum effectiveness. We build and manufacture your shutters in both our McKinney, Texas and Naples, Florida locations.

Our Plantation Shutters are 100% American made. You won’t find a better plantation shutter on the market today, for the combination of price and quality we provide.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. With our, over 25 years of experience in the business, we can meet, and surpass your expectations. We are a small company, that commits to working closely with our customers, ensuring that you, not only receive the best in customer service, but the highest quality shutter.

Shapes and Styles

Shutter Diagram

We are a “Custom” shutter company, able to make shutters for all specialty shapes and sizes of windows ( as wide as 36” panels; narrow as 5 ½” panels ).

We follow the shape of your window, to make the components the same size and shape. We shape the top louvers, top rails, and the top of the frame; to be the same shape and size.

We offer custom designs, with many different styles, such as bi-fold panels, panels divided with horizontal “Divider Rails” or “Mid-rail”, café style, and stacked or double-hung panels. What’s more, we can build a shutter for any window opening shape.

Watch out for Immitations

If you find some really inexpensive shutters on the Internet, and it sounds too good to be true – it probably is.

There are web sites that advertise “Fauxwood“ Plantation Shutters for less than $13 per square foot. What these companies do not tell you is these are not full dimension shutters, and neglect to tell you that, not only do you not receive a custom paint or stain match for that price, some of them do not even include a frame! More over, the panels on these shutters can be as thin as 5/8” of an inch. Most of these are imported and made of a “foam vinyl” material. With these shutters, you will usually have restrictions on panel width, no custom color matching and most will require a horizontal divider rail rather than offer it as a “customer option”.

Typical Basswood Tree

High Quality Basswood

Supreme Shutters uses high quality basswood for our plantantion shutters.

Wood, or basswood, is the natural material selection for a window covering to withstand the heat and direct sunlight.

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When comparing shutter prices, note many dealers charge extra for various mounting frame styles, double hung (or stacked panels) cafe style arrangements, some finishes, and other options. Supreme Shutters has very few upgrade charges.

Most of our competitors do not offer BiFold door track systems. When comparing the per square foot cost, keep in mind that Supreme Shutters only uses the actual window opening sizes - even for frames that may overlap the wall, such as a Z-frame inside or a frame mounted on top of existing trim. Many shutter companies add to the opening dimensions to account for a tip to tip frame measurement. This will add to the square footage. Always compare the actual cost of each shutter, not just a per square foot cost.

Many companies make the claim that they sell “custom” shutters. In reality they may be selling “customized” shutters. Customized shutters start as pre-built stock size panels, which are then cut down to a specific size to fit the window opening. This usually results in shutters that are a poor fit for your windows. The shutters are not proportionate to the window size and the amount that the shutter was trimmed will hurt the integrity of the panel.

Frame Types

There are two main frame types associated with shutters - L-Frame and Z-Frame types.

L-Frame diagram


L-Frames are simple, basic frames, used for “inside mounts”.

A shutter would be mounted on the inside of the opening, when there is already existing trim around the window.

An “L” frame is also used when mounting a shutter directly on a door, building it out and giving the depth needed for the louvers to be operable.

When mounting an L-Frame on the inside of a window frame, it is important to realize that there will be a gap between the shutter frame, and the wall - as most windows are somewhat “out of square”. To hide that “imperfection”, Supreme Shutters installs a piece finishing trim to cover the gap.

Z-Frame diagram


Z-frames are used to mount on dry-wall openings - giving a decorative trim around the window opening, as well as allowing the panel to be somewhat recessed into the opening.

Z-frames cover imperfect window openings, simplify installation and allow the panels to be properly recessed in the opening.

Supreme Shutters offers 7 different profiles to choose from - or you provide a profile to be matched.

The Z-frame offers an attractive window finishing, with that built-in look.

Z-Frame Types

Add Value To Your Home

Increase Your Home’s Property Value

Plantation shutters are one of the few window coverings that will increase the value of your home, enhancing its appearance, while offering an element of energy efficiency. Shutters are considered “real property” - blinds or shades are not.

The most important attribute of Supreme’s hardwood plantation shutter, is its durability. Our hardwood plantation shutters are first and foremost handcrafted for maximum strength and durability. Supreme Shutter Company designs, measures, manufactures, and installs our shutters locally (shipping and/or installation services are provided throughout the USA). We stand behind our product, and offer a lifetime warranty.

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