High Quality Wood

Renewable Resource

Each year the United States grows about twice as much hardwood as it harvests.

Basswood is popular for making carvings, furniture, moldings, plantation shutters and surf boards.

Basswood is a deciduous hard wood grown mostly in the upper Midwest and Appalachia areas of North America.

It is a light-colored wood of any species of linden yielding valuable timber. Basswood is a wonderful paint, as well as stain grade material, and is the ideal wood for building interior window shutters.

Basswood vs Fauxwood

Wood is formed (shaped) by water. Plastic is formed (shaped) by heat.

With that in mind, it is just common sense that wood is the natural material selection for a window covering to withstand the heat and direct sunlight.

Fauxwood shutters typically use pre-made stiles, rails, and louvers, then cut them to size to allow for quick production. This also creates an improper fit and components that are not proportionate to the window opening.

Always request to see a sample before committing to a purchase of plantation shutters.

Add Value To Your Home

Increase Your Home’s Property Value

Plantation shutters are one of the few window coverings that will increase the value of your home, enhancing its appearance, while offering an element of energy efficiency. Shutters are considered “real property” - blinds or shades are not.

The most important attribute of Supreme’s hardwood plantation shutter, is its durability. Our hardwood plantation shutters are first and foremost handcrafted for maximum strength and durability. Supreme Shutter Company designs, measures, manufactures, and installs our shutters locally (shipping and/or installation services are provided throughout the USA). We stand behind our product, and offer a lifetime warranty.

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